Home Sellers Program

Few Main Features of Our Home Sellers Program

Minimum Sale Price is Guaranteed before signing the contract.

- Want to make sure you get maximum price for sale of your home or condo?

Our Home Sellers get a fully written Guarantee of Minimum sale price at which we will sell their home for, before signing the agreement. If we miss the guaranteed sale price mentioned in the contract and sell your house for less, we penalize ourselves by giving you $1000 refund on total commissions charged. This is not just $1000 savings for you, this is a assurance that we will do everything possible in our capacity to make sure that your house sells for the maximum possible price, as we also would like to save that $1000. Result is a Win Win situation for our Home Sellers.

Packaging Saves

- Are you Buying New and Selling the existing one?

One of the features of our Home Sellers program is to bring their selling cost to lowest level possible without compromising on service and results. As selling involves some cost to generate results, there is a limit to how much discount a real estate agent can offer you on the listing commissions…..unless both transactions are done together. i.e. If both transactions are done through us, we are in position to reduce our Listing brokerage standard commissions by 50% without discounting the services we offer with full commissions package. This is a substantial saving, which will reduce your selling cost considerably without compromising on marketing of your property, which can effect the final dollars in your pocket.

Get Home Staging Assistance for FREE

- Don’t know, how to make your house or condo look to its best for Selling?

As part of our VIP Sellers package, we will give you a FREE home staging consultation i.e. help you make your home look the best, with minimum possible spending. With Multiple years being in business and having worked with numerous buyers, we have good understanding of what appeals home buyers and together we can make your house look to best of its capacity.

Discounted Renovations.

- Renovations can cost 1000’s. Our Home Buyers & Sellers can get them at discount.

Every house may need some renovations at one point or another during the time you own it. It may be as small job like painting the house, carpet shampoo or big job like changing the entire kitchen or making the whole basement. Our Home & Condo Buyers & Sellers get their home renovations done for 10% – 30% cheaper then the market rate for similar renovation, with the help of our reputed contracts, who have proven their work quality over the years doing multiple projects for our clients. This gives us a first hand experience of what are the best options available for any specific renovation and who are the best contractors available to accomplish the best results without costing too much. We guide you and the contractor through the process, to help you make a more informed decision.

Get Professional Virtual Tour.

- Do You know how many Buyers don’t even look at listings which don’t have proper pictures?

Yes that is true and 1st hand experienced after showing houses to hundreds of home buyers, who have claimed clearly that they like to see listings which have professional virtual tours for them and further they don’t even open the listings which don’t have pictures for the subject property. This creates a great importance of creating a professional virtual tour to convince buyers to book a showing. We do it for all our listings for FREE. Our Virtual Tour package offers multiple panoramic shots and YouTube Video too with automatic mobile and tablet versions which further enhances the presentation for your property and is easily accessibly to today’s busy home buyers on the go.

Strong Internet Marketing is Assures exceptional results

- Do you know that atleast 80% – 90% Buyers start their home search over Internet?

Gone are the days when print was in command. Internet is the source adopted by 80 – 90% Home Buyers as their preferred home search resource. With internet becoming part of life….presence & presentation of your home over the internet and mobile browsers is critical for exploring a largest segment of market. All our listings get a URL, which is specific to their property. This drives lots of traffic to your listing and many times delivers far better results then only loading it on regular websites or listing it on MLS. Multiple marketing initiatives assure exceptional results.

We Still Love What Traditional Agents Offer!

- We still love Traditional, as that is also an important aspect of selling your home!

Most of the agents you will come across, will assure you the following:

  • MLS Listing
  • Regular Website Listing
  • Put a Lawn sign outside your home
  • Open houses
  • Colour Flyer Printing etc

These all are standard features of all our listing packages. With Us you Get these and more!

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