Home Preparation Checklist

Home Selling is a big project, which if not handled properly, can make you loose 1000s. You are better off preparing your house for sale for few days before you jump into listing on MLS. What is presented well, always sells faster and for a good price. You got to do it right, the very first time you list it.

As this is your own home, best is to let your Realtor do a general tour of the property to identify any major concerns and to give you house presentation ideas to make your property look to its best. We as part of our Home Sellers Program, help you identify such concerns and help them get fixed, before you list your property in the market.

Please click on the link below to download the checklist prepared by howrealtorshelp.ca. This paper may come out handy to checkmark whatever is applicable to your property.

Home Selling Checklist.pdf

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