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Our Successful Track Record Assures You $avings & Protection of Your Interest!

Where we have a strong track record of negotiating considerable amounts when we are doing Buyer Representations, there are also times, when property is question is underpriced or is a very high demand product…In such cases multiple parties end up bidding for the same property. In such situations WINNING the property is a Bigger Challenge rather then negotiating.

We have a successful track record for both….which have helped our clients save thousands of dollars and/or secure their dream home in multiple offer situation!

Few From Our Long List of Completed Transactions

Won For My Clients
in 4 Bids
Won For My Clients
in 2 Bids
Won For My Clients
in 4 Bids
Negotiated $12,500
On Asking
Negotiated $30,000
On Asking
Negotiated $39,888
On Asking
Won For My Client
in 2 Bids
Negotiated $9,900
On Asking
Negotiated $29,900
On Asking

Advantages of Our VIP Buyers Program

Hot Listings Everyday in your Inbox

- Want to beat other Home Buyers with Hot New Listings everyday, before they reach

Most often, a MLS listing takes 24 – 36 Hrs to show up on public MLS system. Our Buyer clients get new MLS Listings, Foreclosure homes Listings, Distress sales listings, same day they come in the market, before it reaches, which may take upto 3 days. Matured buyers already know that good properties don’t stand even for 3 days. Once we have understood your needs during our initial meeting, system is set to provide us alert on anything meeting your specific criteria of selection. Therefore we put you in far better position then other home and condo buyers relying only on public websites.

Minimum Negotiation Of your Home or Condo purchase Is Guaranteed

- What makes sure that I as your Buyer’s agent will work in your interest and Negotiate to best of my ability?

Just like any other buyer, we are sure you also would like to Negotiate the maximum on your home purchase. We Guarantee our Buyer Clients a Minimum of $10,000 negotiation on the listed price. Even though we have multiple times surprised our clients by Negotiating larger amounts then this in unlikely situations, minimum Guarantee of 5 digits will still be far better then 4 digits or NONE. If we are not able to deliver such negotiation, which is not possible in practically not possible in every situation, we penalize ourselves by providing you $1000 gift card for any store of your choice. This is not just $1000 savings for you on your home purchase but an assurance that we will try to negotiate to best of our ability, as we also would like to save that $1000. End of the day, you benefit by this condition and best of all, it is provided to you in writing on your Contract.

Discounted Home Renovations*

- Renovations can cost 1000’s. You as our client get it done at cheaper rates, no compromise on quality and on time!

Most homes for sale not showing up well or requiring repairs can many times stay on the market for unreasonable times, hence forcing the home owner to reduce unreasonable amounts. Similarly foreclose homes, distress sales etc. also come on exceptional deals as they most of the times require renovations. We being experienced with such properties, help you see beyond these repairs & fixes by providing you various ideas and as well as provide you a rough estimate of such renovations right during the showing of property in question. If you get interested in such property and price is negotiated between both parties, we invite one of our pre qualified Contractors to give you more accurate quote for the job, before you finalize your purchase contract. Many times such renovations can cost you 1000s and money is not available on the table to facilitate such repairs. As we have past experience with such projects, we know bank requirements to fund such upgrades. Hence we will try to help you prepare documents as per the bank requirements and get such renovations amounts included in your Mortgage, making it easier for you to get the house in finishes you desire and all this will be done at cheaper rates then the market value for similar renovation, with the help of our reputed contracts, who provide our clients cheaper rates due to volume of business they get from us every year. Also be aware that all contractors can’t do everything, we help you choose the right contractors fit for your job.

We Assure a Quick & Easy Mortgage Approval!*

- If bank have said No to you or is offering us non competitive rates, ask us for help!

We work with few of the most reputed Mortgage Broker in Local market, who have strong reputation and influence due to volume of business they deliver to multiple retail and wholesale mortgage lenders. This helps them to many times solve tough cases too. Such brokers work directly with underwriters and are able to present your case to its best to decision makers in the bank unlike a general bank clerk, who will simply forward your file to next department. Also going to multiple lenders can hurt your credit score, whereas Mortgage broker just needs to check your credit score once and send the information required to multiple lenders. Plus Our associated Mortgage Brokers are creative to help you with non routine mortgages like Zero down, Mortgages with renovations credits & Simple interest mortgages etc.

Aggressively Priced Commission Package for your current house or Condo

Packaging Saves you the maximum!

If you already own a home or condo and plan to upgrade or downgrade, we can design a custom package specific to your needs and expectations without compromising on marketing results. Please review our VIP Sellers Package for more details on this.

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